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Standardised Print Production (SPP) Guides

ISO 12647 and ISO 9001 implementation is your best route to print media production, print proofing and colour quality control. Digital printing, offset printing, flexo or wide format printers can increase their margins, reduce costs and improve PDF processing and process control through ISO 12647.

ISO 12647-2 compliance, digital colour management and improved proofing and quality management throughout prepress, on press and in the wider business fast tracks printers to higher margins. Digital colour management, prepress and proofing production quality management in PDF workflows improve profitability, process control and customer satisfaction. Standardised Print Production is a series of easy guides to help you achieve compliance and certification. Each part of the series includes guidance and explanation of how to implement the ISO 12647-2 standard.

SPP is a companion to ISO 12647-2, the international standard to defines process control requirements for offset printing. It is compatible with all of the certification schemes used throughout the world. This includes schemes from IDEAlliance in the US, the Swedish Printers Federation, the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), UGRA in Switzerland and Fogra in Germany.

Implement ISO 12647-2 using SPP to reduce production costs and improve customer satisfaction and press utilisation. ISO 12647-2 helps you to improve colour management and workflow efficiencies throughout the supply chain, for better business performance and higher margins. SPP is a practical guide that explains how to use ISO 12647-2 to improve production quality.

There are four parts to the series: Document Preparation and Prepress, Setting Up the Press, Quality Management, and an Executive Summary.

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