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The basics of printheads

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In many respects the printhead is the heart of an inkjet printer, directly responsible for placing each individual drop of ink on the substrate.

Inkjet printheads are marvels of modern engineering, able to precisely place thousands of drops of ink of differing sizes exactly where needed. There are several approaches to designing printheads but by far the most common for wide-format inkjet is drop-on-demand piezo.

Essentially the printhead contains an ink chamber, with a piezo electric actuator, made of a material such as Lead Zirconium Titanium (PZT). When an external electrical charge is applied to PZT it changes shape, forcing a drop of ink from the ink chamber and out through the nozzle. This design is suitable for a wide range of different ink types, including aqueous, solvent and UV-curable inks.

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