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I'm not Blockbuster Boy

– Johnny Depp

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialised in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies.

We provide market research, testing, evaluation and content services for the graphic arts, and publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.

Spindrift is a monthly digest of news, plus feature articles to keep you ahead in the graphic arts game, with no ads to distract you.

Fespa Global Summit - Fespa recently held its annual Global Summit in Munich, which Laurel Brunner attended. The event was part of a Fespa program to help its members worldwide. Thus many speakers from various industries discussed their use of wide format printing and what they were expecting from Fespa members.

A new high-end monitor from BenQ - Paul Lindström has been testing a new monitor from the Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ. The PG2401PT monitor has a number of useful features that make it suitable for high end proofing work, as shown in this test.

Standards Moving Forward Ahead of Markets - ISO TC130, the technical committee developing ISO standards for the graphic arts, held a meeting during last week’s IPEX show and discussed a number of upcoming standards. Laurel Brunner was one of the attendees and writes about the meeting and the work of the standards committee.

Are you able to meet the requirements of ISO 12647-2?

Digital Dots has put together a survey to help you understand more about the ISO 12647-2 standard for quality control in offset printing. We are closely involved with the development of the standard and of certification schemes in the UK and Sweden. We also do certification audits in those countries, so we want to know more about your views of ISO 12647-2.

The survey isn’t long and it could give you some ideas about where your business can improve its processes, margins and customer satisfaction.

Click here to take part in the survey

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In another life I was addicted to horse racing, especially the dangerous jumping variety. As a teenager I imagined someday riding in the Grand National, the world’s greatest steeplechase. Instead I find myself riding in an altogether different kind of race. But there are some curious similarities between fast and thrilling horse riding and negotiating the constantly changing landscape of matters environmental in the graphic arts.

Crossword Puzzles from Spindrift - Number 51

2. Solved but the broken surface is lined. (7)
5. To keep up to date or continue making sure stuff works. (8)
9. The guy with the ark and the animals. (4)
10. Irish, Red, Gordon and dogged? (6)
11. Vigour? (3)

1. To examine. (7)
2. Stopped or halted, or confirmed correct? (7)
3. Processing of pressing a substrate between rollers to create extreme smoothness. (11)
4. Physical space between two points. (8)
5. An alternative method for achieving accurate colour. (5, 2, 5)

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