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Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

– Oscar Wilde

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialised in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies.

We provide market research, testing, evaluation and content services for the graphic arts, and publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.

Spindrift is a monthly digest of news, plus feature articles to keep you ahead in the graphic arts game, with no ads to distract you.

Inky Fingers in Many Pies - The HP behemoth has been quiet for a while, but recently shared a whole raft of new developments, ranging from a new Indigo 7800 printer to a whole new inkjet PageWide array. Laurel Brunner has shuttled between HP divisions to see what it’s all about.

From printhead to printer - Ricoh has opened a new Inkjet Technology Centre, to help its OEM customers get the most out of its printheads. Nessan Cleary has been to see the facility, which is a bit like a torture chamber for printheads, pulling them apart and testing how quickly they corrode with each customer’s inks.

ISO 12647-2 Awareness Survey - ISO 12647-2 has been around for a while, but we wanted to see just what it means to the print industry, so we sent out a survey. Many respondents gave very full answers so the results make for interesting reading, as Laurel Brunner explains.

Are you able to meet the requirements of ISO 12647-2?

Digital Dots has put together a survey to help you understand more about the ISO 12647-2 standard for quality control in offset printing. We are closely involved with the development of the standard and of certification schemes in the UK and Sweden. We also do certification audits in those countries, so we want to know more about your views of ISO 12647-2.

The survey isn’t long and it could give you some ideas about where your business can improve its processes, margins and customer satisfaction.

Click here to take part in the survey

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Industry everywhere suffers from bureaucracy intended to make life safer, less corrupt and more fair and efficient. The graphic arts industry is not alone in having to cope with excessive, unproductive yet necessary administration and regulatory compliance. In several regions around the world the printing industry must comply with some pretty hefty rules. Some of these, such as chemicals management and disposal are important and valuable, but others, such as guidance documents relating to new laws take much time without necessarily delivering tangible benefits to the business.

Crossword Puzzles from Spindrift - Number 54

1. One of the two additional colours for Hexachrome printing. (6)
5. Technology that extends workflows to the internet. (3-2-5)
13. When women are wrong. (5)
14. A small child or quantity of rum. (3)
15. Preflight verdict for rubbish file. (5)

1. Process of making all processes as perfect as possible. (12)
2. Creative expression of ideas. (3)
3. Rub out or delete. (5)
4. MFP? (5, 8, 7)
6. About being productive and unwasteful. (10)

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