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Let the wild rumpus start!

Maurice Sendak

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialised in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies.

We provide market research, testing, evaluation and content services for the graphic arts, and publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.

Spindrift is a monthly digest of news, plus feature articles to keep you ahead in the graphic arts game, with no ads to distract you.

By the numbers - Laurel Brunner looks at SpencerMetrics, a new technology from SpencerLabs, that promises to help printers monitor the performance of their presses. It’s a comprehensive system that takes into account a huge number of variables to understand the press and the way that it’s used and maintained, which should generate enough savings to pay for itself.

Slow burn - Ricoh has announced several new printers, including two new toner devices and a web-fed inkjet press, as well as a couple of new software programs. Nessan Cleary has been through the announcements, and assesses what they mean for Ricoh.

A dedicated roll-to-roll LF printer - Paul Lindström has tested Agfa’s Anapurna M3200i RTR large format printer. This was upgraded earlier this year with the latest Konica Minolta heads and now comes with Agfa’s Asanti RIP. It has an impressive colour gamut and delivers on Agfa’s promises.

The latest articles in our WIld Format Digital Series … Everything you need to know about getting the most our of wide-format digital printing technology.

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Latest post...

Does this sound like an impossible task? Of course it does, but it has to be done if the media industry wants to be able to benchmark and monitor its carbon footprint. We have managed to develop an ISO standard for calculating the carbon footprint of print media (ISO 16759), so now all eyes are on electronic media.

Crossword Puzzles from Spindrift - Number 56

1. Big and beautiful, telling you what you need to know. (5, 6, 8)
10. The spice of life. (7)
12. Persistent even though we try to avoid it. (7)
13. A starting line, the thing that gets lids off tins. (6)
14. Small dash but bigger than a hyphen. (2)

2. Weight does it, dots do it, bank balances should as well. (4)
3. Functional so trust it to do its job. (3, 3, 7)
4. Booklets, leaflets, flyers are examples of this. (9, 10)
5. Removed. (7)
6. Colours loaded to the gunnels. (9)

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