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Tout est pardonné

– Charlie Hebdo

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialised in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies.

We provide market research, testing, evaluation and content services for the graphic arts, and publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.

The invaluable source for critical coverage and in-depth analysis of prepress and digital printing technologies

To improve services to our readers and widen our readership we have put Spindrift online. Subscribers get content updates more frequently and we have more flexibility to provide timely news analysis, commentary and feature articles.

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The latest articles in our WIld Format Digital Series … Everything you need to know about getting the most our of wide-format digital printing technology.

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As if the deforestation and corrupt abuses by Asian Pulp & Paper (APP) weren’t bad enough for Indonesia, the country’s recently reached the top of the global warming rankings. Indonesia has achieved this dubious honour in the wake of massive fires that have been burning through great swathes of the archipelago causing extreme pollution. Because of the fires Indonesia emitted more GHGs on a daily basis than China did “on at least 14 days” in September and October according to research from Bloomberg, a business and financial news provider. And the same research found that Indonesia’s total daily CO2 emissions, were more than those of the USA on around half the days in those two months. Pretty grim for a country with a GDP that’s less than a twentieth of America’s.

Crossword Puzzles from Spindrift - Number 60

4. Characteristic of a workflow that conforms to expectations, ISO or otherwise. (12)
9. Edition or iteration. (7)
11. An effort worth four or five points for league or union. (3)
12. Flow behaviours, of inks and other fluids. (10)
14. Keep tabs on that file! (5, 2)

1. Print too many? Or just on top? (12)
2. Lacking regularity or definition to their contours or external lines. (9, 6)
3. To contain, complete or satisfy. (4)
4. Slight, not aggrieving, glitch. (4)
5. Sector apart from toner. (7, 6)

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