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Knowledge is invariably a matter of degree: you cannot put your finger upon even the simplest datum and say this we know.

T. S. Eliot

Digital Dots is an independent graphic arts research group specialised in digital prepress, printing and publishing technologies.

We provide market research, testing, evaluation and content services for the graphic arts, and publish the leading industry newsletter, Spindrift.

Spindrift is a monthly digest of news, plus feature articles to keep you ahead in the graphic arts game, with no ads to distract you.

Ricoh Goes with the Flow. Totally. - Last month we saw some of the new print engines that Ricoh has announced and this month Laurel Brunner has had a closer look at the workflows that will power these printers, and particularly the new TotalFlow Print Server R600A, which adds support for PDF workflows.

Industrial Revolution - Nessan Cleary has been to see Industrial Inkjet, a small British company specialising in building inkjet systems to answer specific customer demands, which also acts as a sales and support agent for Konica Minolta. Recently, IIJ has also launched colour and mono print engines that have been used to create hybrid flexo solutions.

Heavy duty hybrid - Paul Lindström has tested the Agfa Jeti Titan HS, a hybrid large format printer that’s aimed at the higher production end of the market. Find out why it won the ‘Product of the Year’ award at the recent SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, US.

The latest articles in our WIld Format Digital Series … Everything you need to know about getting the most our of wide-format digital printing technology.

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In much of the developing world no one seems to care much about pollution. In Beijing recently the government hosted the Asia Pacific Economic Conference. It wanted to show Beijing, a fascinating and strangely beautiful city, at its best. To help international leaders to breathe, the government gave workers five days off, shut down the factories and only allowed cars on the road on alternate days according to whether they had odd or even number plates. The result was clear blue skies and air you could inhale without coughing, proving that motivation is the biggest driver for change. Once the guests had gone, it was back to the normal dense stench.

Crossword Puzzles from Spindrift - Number 57

1. Pixels. (7)
4. Take one’s ease. (4)
6. Change from one state into another. (7)
9. With labels the only print sector immune to Internet cannibalisation. (9)
10. Do it to your mobile ’phone or your emptying glass? (3-2)

1. High science of copying text, images and lineart. (13)
2. Required to lift printed sheets onto the print stack. (7)
3. Innovations that produce radical change. (8, 12)
4. A rule not necessarily enshrined in law. (10)
5. Collection or home to badgers? (3)

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